KONE in the community

Profitable growth is a precondition of sustainability. KONE's economic performance brings important benefits to all our stakeholders by enhancing our ability to serve our customers, securing employment opportunities, sustaining suppliers, and allowing us to pursue an active role in the community.

The not-for-profit KONE Centennial Foundation, founded in 2010, is one of our initiatives to support local and often disadvantaged communities. The Foundation’s mission is to advance and support developmental, educational, and cultural activities for children and young people around the world.

More specifically, the Foundation seeks creative ways to support such activities in countries where:

  • the opportunities for individual development are severely limited for many young people, and
  • KONE Corporation is actively involved in the country’s business life.

The Foundation’s projects include the funding of a mobile library to encourage reading among school-aged migrant children in Chinese cities and support for an educational center in a slum neighborhood of Chennai, India. During 2012, the Foundation joined forces with KONE South Africa to create an innovative and dynamic youth program in Westbury, one of Johannesburg’s most depressed and troubled communities.

The Foundation is based in Helsinki, Finland and can be contacted at john.simon@kone.com or +358 20 475 4334.

To learn more about KONE and corporate responsibility, please visit the corporate responsibility section of our global website www.kone.com (in English).

Corporate responsibility

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