KONE plc, the worlds leading supplier in Lifts, Escalators and Doors have produced this comprehensive and informative CPD that is designed to assist architects with their project designs for lifts. One CPD is centred around the relationship of the building design and the lifts required, the rules and regulations that governs lifts and the interaction with the building fabric called Lifts in Construction and Modernisation.  This includes the changes already in place from the new EN81-20 and EN81-50 Standards.

Lifts in Construction and Modernisation

Topics covered include:

  • EN81-20 and EN81-50
  • Accessibility
  • Fire fighting and evacuation (EN81-72 and BS9999)
  • EN81-70 and BS8300
  • Traffic Analysis & Specification
  • Eco-Efficiency and BREEAM

Lifts in Refurbished Buildings

The second is Lifts in Building Refurbishments and outlines the design challenges and opportunities specific to lifts within a building being re-modelled. This presentation deals with some of the most common regulations and rules of engagement needing consideration and describes the ways in which these requirements can shape design and affect people occupying and moving throughout the space.

Topics covered include:

  • Improvement of existing lifts
  • Accessibility
  • Vandal resistance
  • Fire fighting
  • Fire regulations
  • Sustainability
  • Traffic calculations & People Flow

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