Automatic door safety

Conventional automatic door systems cannot always detect when a shopping cart, luggage trolley or a small child is in the doorway. The KONE door safety solution can. It detects moving and immobile objects in the whole doorway area.

The safety of people is our first priority, and the KONE door safety solution also prevents damage to the door that can occur if it closes on a heavy moving object such as a shopping cart.

The door safety solution in brief:

  • Combines unidirectional radar and active 3D infrared technology
  • A safety zone of 48 overlapping infrared spots on each side of the door
  • Accurately adjustable detection area that reduces unintentional door activation, thus increasing building energy conservation
  • Reliable detection even in the harshest of environments
  • Quick and easy installation and maintenance
  • TÜV-approved and compliant with all the latest national and European norms

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Lift safety

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