Automatic doors

Automatic Doors

KONE automatic door solutions are designed to ensure a smooth, safe and seamless two-way flow of people and goods into and out of all types of buildings. First impressions are important, and customising your doors with our extensive range of bespoke and durable finishes enhances the attractiveness of your building to ensure that your first impression is always a positive one.

We understand the need for innovative automatic door design and manufacture capable of standing the rigors and constant demands of public access, whether in a residential, medical, educational, commercial or retail environment. In all of our automatic doors solutions, we focus on safety, durability and eco-efficiency, without compromising on reliable operation and stylish design, to find the perfect solution for every building.

Automatic sliding doors

The KONE automatic sliding door is a powerful, fully automatic sliding door solution, suitable for single, double, telescopic and curved sliding doors. The KONE sliding door can be adjusted to accommodate the demands of many different environments. The door operation can be controlled and modified via a user-friendly interface.

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Gliding doors

In high-throughput commercial environments, ensuring a reliable, smooth flow of goods is critical for competitive operations. KONE’s range of eco-efficient high-speed internal and external doors is designed to improve goods flow and minimise energy costs in environments such as logistics centres, food processing and distribution facilities, and vehicle storage areas.

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Revolving doors

KONE revolving door solutions combine high-quality materials, flexible operation and excellent durability and are perfect for a wide range of commercial buildings. They deliver smoother people flow by allowing visitors to enter and exit your building simultaneously and also help cut your energy costs by preventing heating and cooling losses.

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Swing door operators

KONE’s comprehensive range of modern swing door operators is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of demanding environments. These energy-efficient solutions are fully automatic, incorporate the latest intelligent operator technology and provide reliable long-term performance.

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KONE door solutions

We offer a wide range of automatic and industrial door solutions to suit the needs of any building type.

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