KONE Hermetically sealed doors

Our hermetically sealed doors are designed to meet the demanding requirements of environments where hygiene control and noise reduction are critical.

They offer all the benefits of KONE’s standard door products – including smooth, eco-efficient, and safe operation – but can be customised with a variety of specialist options to meet the needs of operating theatres, laboratory clean rooms, and facilities where radiation (e.g. X-ray) protection is needed.

Product KONE hermetically sealed doors
Applications Medical facilities, Cleanrooms, Laboratories, Theatres
Height -
Width -
Options Automatic or manual
KONE Hermetically sealed doors

* If your measurement requirements fall outside of these dimensions, please contact your KONE representative.

Features and options

  • Powered by the efficient and reliable KONE UniDrive™ operator
  • Available with full glass or stainless steel panels
  • Fireproofing option provides protection for people and property
  • Lead-shielding option for environments requiring X-ray and radiation protection
  • Optional integrated windows
  • Noise isolation up to 37 dB
  • In-wall option for space efficiency and improved aesthetics