Building doors design

Make a first impression that lasts

Because the building entrance and exit is the first and last experience for any visitor, we offer a wide range of flexible design options that help you seamlessly blend your automatic building door solutions with the building’s design to create a lasting impression.

The main entrance of any building is a vital part of its overall image, and critical to its everyday operation.

  • In retail centres the entrance should invite potential visitors inside and operate smoothly and reliably to maintain good people flow
  • In medical facilities it is critical that any emergency entrances are visible and that door solutions operate reliably 24/7
  • In offices and hotels automatic door solutions should match the design of the building in order to create a consistent, pleasant look and feel throughout
  • In industrial environments industrial doors and loading-area doors must operate safely, facilitate the efficient movement of goods, and be sufficiently secure to protect the property when not in use.

Design that delivers

With a highly flexible range of design options, KONE automatic building door solutions can be customised to meet the needs of any property.

  • Full range of colors available for door frames and panels
  • Wide range of materials, sizes, and window options available
  • Hygienic materials and automation, such as elbow push buttons, decrease contamination risk
  • Glass door solutions for retail centres allow potential customers to see inside stores before they enter
  • High-end material options, for example in offices and hotels, enable a consistent, stylish look and feel throughout the building

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