Door enhancements

Door enhancements

Every door should meet the specific needs of the building it serves. With our comprehensive range of new doors and enhancements for existing doors you can ensure safety, reliability and energy efficiency.

Choosing the right operator

Door size, opening width, weight and power consumption all affect the type of operator that will best fit your needs. KONE experts can advise you on the solution that will deliver optimum performance for your building.

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Enhanced door safety

All KONE automatic building door solutions are designed to enable safe, smooth access. Our range of additional safety solutions is designed to deliver the highest level of safety for users in your specific environment.

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Improved security and convenience

Our automatic doors can also be integrated with building automation systems for even greater convenience, better security and improved safety. For example, automatic doors can be integrated with fire alarm systems, remote control systems and access control systems.

Better energy efficiency

The loss of hot or cold air through doors is a major contributor to a building’s overall energy consumption. Our solutions are designed to insulate your property from the outside environment, and can also incorporate optional features that minimise losses during use.

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Door modernisation

See how to upgrade your doors with KONE modernisation solutions
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