KONE UniDrive® for sliding doors

KONE UniDrive® for sliding doors

KONE UniDrive operators are the intelligent power behind our sliding door solutions.

  • UniDrive for doors in high-use environments, and UniDrive Compact for less demanding applications
  • Both operators are designed to meet and exceed the highest standards in terms of safety and reliability
  • Intelligent door operation with customisation for optimal performance, self-diagnostic features for easy maintenance and adjustment, and integration with building management and security networks
  • Eco option to save power through reduced air conditioning and heating losses
KONE Sliding door operator KONE Unidrive KONE Unidrive Compact
Dimension (mm)
(height* depth)
185 *161 10*133
Opening width (mm)
1 leaf/2 leaf
Max. 5000* Max. 1* 1500/
Max. 2* 1000
Max. Door Leaf Weight / Kg
1 leaf/2 leaf
1 * 180 Kg/
2 * 120 Kg

1 * 100/
2 * 80
Max. speed (m/s)
0,7 m/s 0,53m/s
Exterior Door x x
Interior Door x x
User Frequency High x x
Standards x x
Eco-efficiency x x
Break-out for escape- and rescue route x** x***
Escape- and rescue route electrical x****
Fire protection x
Telescopic x
Curved x
Prismatic x

* Depends on the application
** Mechanical and battery back-up system
*** Battery back-up system
**** Fail/Safe RW

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