KONE UniSwing™ operators for swing doors

KONE UniSwing™ operators for swing doors

  • 3 options ensure the best solution is available for your application.
  • All our operators include fully automatic smart-door technology suitable for doors in a wide range of building environments.

X= is available for that operator
If the cell is empty, it's not available

KONE Swing door operators KONE UWD KONE UniSwing Compact KONE UniSwing Solid
Exterior door x x x
Interior Door x x x
User Frequency High x
User Frequency Medium x x x
Door Leaf Weight / Door Leaf (kg) 275 Kg at 700 mm (pull)
375 kg at 700 mm (push)

120 Kg at 1100mm (pull)
150 Kg at 1100 mm (push)

70 kg at 1400 mm (pull)
95 kg at 1400 mm (push)
300 Kg at 700mm
120 Kg at 1100mm
230 Kg at 700mm
95 Kg at 1100 mm
80 Kg at 1200 mm
Door width (mm) 1400 1100 1200
Lintel mounted with Panic Fitting x (Pulling)

Lintel mounted x x x
Door Leaf Mounted

Power failure operation x
Mechanical closing spring

Mechanical closing spring
Fire- and Smoke Protection

Door modernisation

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