Industrial doors

Industrial Doors

KONE industrial door solutions help to ensure the smooth flow of goods into a multitude of different environments. These long service life industrial doors solutions satisfy the needs of affordability, durability and reliability, whilst complying with all the latest relevant safety legislation.

Industrial doors must not only be secure and user friendly, but also blend in with the design for their proposed environment, be it for offices, logistic centres, hospitals or hotels. Combining premium design with innovative technology, KONE sets the standard when it comes to state of the art industrial doors. By providing both pre-specified and bespoke solutions to match the aesthetic style of your building, we ensure you get the solution that fully meets your requirements.

High Speed Doors

In high-throughput commercial environments, ensuring a reliable, smooth flow of goods is critical for competitive operations. KONE’s range of eco-efficient high-speed internal and external doors is designed to improve goods flow and minimise energy costs in environments such as logistics centres, food processing and distribution facilities, and vehicle storage areas.

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Industrial Roller shutters

All KONE industrial roller shutter doors and grilles are designed and manufactured specifically for the environment and location they are intended for. Customers can choose from a range of finishes. The shutter can be constructed in galvanised steel to ensure maximum environmental protection. 

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Sectional Overheard Doors

The KONE Sectional door leaf provides good sound and thermal insulation as an outer door for industrial buildings and warehouses. The KONE Full Vision door leaf, for showrooms or buildings where many people are working, provides good visibility and allows in natural light. 

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Hermetically sealed doors

Conditioned rooms require wide, practical entrances. For these environments KONE hermetic sealing sliding doors are the ideal solution, with low weight and very good noise reduction. These doors are designed for use in operating theatres, laboratories and other clean room environments where air-pressure control and hygiene are of the utmost importance.

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Traffic barriers

KONE traffic barriers and road blockers are designed to control and prevent unauthorised vehicular access into a restricted or private area. Frequently part of an automated system the heavy duty equipment is power operated and runs entirely unattended ensuring regulated traffic flow at entry and exit points of a premises.

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KONE door solutions

We offer a wide range of automatic and industrial door solutions to suit the needs of any building type.

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