KONE Traffic Barriers

KONE Doors provide a range of reliable and resilient traffic barriers.

The KONE Door range can be used for both high use multi-storey car parks and smaller sites. The barriers are available with boom lengths of 2 to 7 metres.

Product KONE Traffic barriers
Applications Goods flow
Height n/a
Width 7m
Weight -
Options Electric/manual operation, light and heavy duty use
Traffic barrier

Features & options

Hydraulic barrier system for beams up to 4m has a neat slimline appearance, is robust and suited for moderate traffic application specifically designed for medium transit frequency range is also available with an articulated beam for low ceilings.

  • Up to 5m, barrier system is the ideal solution for heavy traffic flows. Speed and Versatility fast and reliable with a capability to support up to a 5m beam. Duty cycle of 70% will support a 5m beam and bottom skirt with an opening/closing speed of 4 seconds.
  • Long Term Reliability equipped with electronic slowdown at the end of the opening and closing cycle providing protection to the barrier mechanism. Also available in stainless steel to offer higher corrosion protection for the most demanding environment.
  • Hydraulic barrier system for large industrial accesses for beams up to 7m natural choice for heavy traffic management and larger commercial applications. This system can be customised to enhance site suitability with a range of options including a pivoting foot, automatic release solenoid valve, and forked support and skirt. It is recommended that a beam fork support or end support is installed for beams of 5m.
  • Option for Standard, Rapid or Super rapid opening. Rapid offers a beam length of up to 4m with an opening/closing speed of 2 seconds. Super Rapid will support a 3m beam and operate in 0.8 seconds.
  • Use of cutting edge materials and treatments such as cataphoresis and niploy and hydraulic technology all combine to ensure long life.
  • Built in intelligence for increased flexibility, whilst microprocessor control and surface mount technology are the standard, providing outstanding performance from a compact system. There are 2 formats of control logic - automatic and semi-auto barrier.
  • Barriers 5 metres plus offers 624 BLD is a fully programmable control board. There are 3 programming buttons with a 2-digit display on the control board, which allow the setting of parameters to achieve the required logics for operation. A master/slave configuration is programmed through the controls rather than adding any additional device.

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