Door modernisation

An investment in your building’s future

Even with the best possible maintenance, doors that have served a building for years, opening and closing hundreds of thousands of times, will need to be modernised or replaced. Just like elevators and escalators, doors need to operate reliably around the clock, comply with the latest safety standards, and fit seamlessly with your building’s operation.

Door lifespan will vary according to both the building environment and the amount of use the equipment is subjected to. Modernising your door equipment is a worthwhile investment. KONE offers a wide range of door modernisation solutions, from smaller upgrades to full replacement, for all types and brands of doors.


Boost equipment lifespan and ensure years of reliable service and energy-efficient operation.

  • Improve energy efficiency and save money 
  • Ensure door equipment complies with the latest safety standards 
  • Increase accessibility and security and reflect changes in building design
When should you modernise?


Door age, usage level and type will all affect the optimum time for modernisation. You can choose to only modernise specific components, such as the operator mechanism, or opt for full replacement.

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How to modernise?


KONE Care for Life™ is an assessment of the safety, accessibility, performance, eco-efficiency and aesthetic condition of your door. Based on the results, you can plan what, when, and how to modernise.

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