Designed for a lifetime of safety

Designed for a lifetime of safety

Safety is the cornerstone of all our products and services. Just as with our lift and escalator products, our automatic building door solutions are designed to fulfill all relevant safety standards and codes, and ensure a safe flow of people and goods throughout their entire operational lifespan.
We provide expert advice and support – from planning and design through to installation and maintenance – to help you choose the best solution for your building. There are a number of critical factors that must be considered when designing an automatic door solution.

In order to ensure that the door operates safely and reliably:

  • The door type must be suitable for the building
  • The doorway width and height must be correctly proportioned for expected traffic volume
  • Appropriate safety devices should be installed considering the type of traffic and environment
  • Installation must be carried out by qualified technicians in order to ensure safe, reliable operation from day one
  • Regular maintenance must be carried out to ensure that the equipment continues to operate efficiently, and that it remains safe and reliable throughout its operational lifespan
  • Regular reviews and upgrades to meet improvements in safety standards and regulations should be conducted

Ensuring accessibility

It is important to consider all the different user groups that will be using the building and how their requirements will affect the design of your door solutions:

  • In retail centres people pushing shopping carts and strollers may move more slowly and therefore benefit from wide-opening doors that remain open for longer periods
  • In medical environments it is vital that beds and valuable equipment can be safely transported with no risk of damage
  • In industrial environments goods must be able to be transported safely and efficiently in order to prevent delays in production or delivery
  • People using wheelchairs will require sufficient clearance to pass comfortably through doors
  • People using crutches or other walking aids may also move more slowly and therefore benefit from longer door-opening times

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