EN 16005 standard for automatic building doors

Effective from April 2013, the new EN 16005 standard covers power-operated pedestrian door equipment such as sliding, swing and revolving door sets, including balanced and folding doors. Key aspects include the requirement for building owners to ensure doors covered by the standard are properly maintained for safety, long-term reliability and efficiency. It also sets requirements for maintenance record keeping, and improved safeguards to prevent crushing and impact injuries.

How KONE supports you

KONE Care for Life™ is an in-depth evaluation of the performance, safety, eco-efficiency, accessibility and aesthetics of your current door equipment. It provides a clear, straightforward way to identify any areas that need to be improved in order to ensure that your equipment is compliant.

KONE Care™ maintenance services ensure that your doors are properly maintained for safety, long-term reliability and efficiency, as required by the new standard. We maintain all brands of doors.

How to ensure that your doors comply with EN 16005 and provide safe access for all users:

Professional maintenance

-Preventing problems before they happen

  • Our preventive maintenance ensures reliability and minimises downtime
  • Regular maintenance maximises user safety and makes sure that equipment meets all relevant standards
  • We create unique plan for each site and equipment

Combining sensors

- Get the highest level of safety

  • The highest level of safety is provided by sensors that can detect both movement and presence
  • Sensors should also be monitored and fail-safe
  • Many doors have sensors that are in good condition, however do not comply with the new specifications

Side screen protection

- Many accidents happen when doors open

  • Protect people, especially children, standing behind the door leaf
  • Installation of additional sensors to open and keep the door open whenever people approach or enter the area

We can assist you to comply with the new standard

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