KONE High speed doors

Using transparent or coloured flexible PVC, KONE’s high speed doors are ideal for areas where frequent through traffic is experienced or for areas where the control of temperature and air contamination are required.

High speed doors are power operated and can be controlled through a range of wire free options or a simple wall mounted switch. Providing a rapid opening and closing speed, KONE high speed doors help the flow of materials and vehicles through buildings.

Capable of dealing with the harshest of environmental conditions KONE’s high speed doors can be used in refrigerated internal areas and even exterior situations that are fully exposed to the environment. Not only are KONE high speed doors energy efficient in operation but importantly they reduce heat loss from the building helping to make it more environmentally friendly and providing a tangible saving on energy costs over slower doors.

Product KONE High speed doors
Applications Goods flow and People flow
Height 10 m
Width 10 m
Weight -
Options Electric or manual

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