Best-in-class eco-efficiency that cuts your building’s carbon footprint

Best-in-class eco-efficiency that cuts your building’s carbon footprint

We were the first in the industry to offer eco-efficient escalators, combining a highly efficient and compact drive system to achieve new levels in energy efficiency, space saving, reliability and aesthetics. Our escalators can even save energy when there are no passengers on board.

By using standby speed and energy-efficient LED lights, you can cut your escalator or autowalk’s energy consumption considerably.

1. Innovative inverter

Our innovative inverter ensures smooth speed regulation during standby operation, reduces brake wear and minimises energy consumption at full speed – meaning even better escalator energy efficiency in transit centres with fluctuating traffic peaks.

2. Smart operational modes

These smart modes save energy by slowing down or stopping the escalator when traffic is low and cut consumption entirely when the escalator is not being used.

3. Long-lasting LED lighting

LED lighting is 80% more efficient than halogen lighting and lasts 10 times longer.

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