KONE has a signalisation series for every type of building and lift. These signalisation series complement your building’s and lift’s style and are designed taking the user’s needs into account. For more information, see signalisation series brochures, or get in touch with your local sales personnel.

KSS 140

Vandal resistant signalisation KSS 140 is impact, scratch and burn resistant, and it fulfills the EN81-71 category 1 requirements. The durable yet attractive design makes it ideal for lifts where there is a risk of vandalism.

KSS 140 signalisation is available for KONE MonoSpace 500, MonoSpace 700, MiniSpace and Transys lifts.

KSS 280

The stylish brushed stainless steel look, availability of common control options and easy-to-read LCD segment display makes the KSS 280 an attractive option for any building in which simplicity is valued.

KSS 280 signalisation is available for the KONE EcoSpace and KONE MonoSpace 500 lifts.

KSS 420 and KSS 470

Surface-mounted signalisations KSS 420 and KSS 470 offer stainless steel car operating panels and a range of landing devices with most common control options.

KSS 420 and KSS 470 are available for KONE MonoSpace 500 lifts.

KONE Design signalisation

The KONE Design signalisation’s unique design makes it an excellent choice if you wish to match the lift interior signalisation. And for something extra special, we offer also the customised car operating panel.

KONE Design signalisation is available for KONE MonoSpace 500, MonoSpace 700 and MiniSpace lifts.

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