Monitoring solutions

KONE monitoring solutions

Our user-friendly monitoring solutions enable monitoring of lifts and escalators from a single central location. KONE E-Link™ provides a real-time overview of equipment status and enables remote configuration and management of your equipment.

  • Monitor KONE and third-party equipment across multiple locations via a single interface in real time.
  • Respond rapidly to problems and solve them faster with instant access to performance data.
  • Save energy by shutting down equipment remotely when not in use.
  • Integrate easily with existing facility management systems.
Complete control over your equipment
  1. Monitor and manage all lift and escalator equipment via a user-friendly graphical interface.

  2. See a complete overview of transportation status, demand, traffic performance, and availability.

  3. Replay and analyse significant events, and view detailed reports on performance, availability and operational quality.

  4. Remotely lock out cars and landing call stations, individually or in groups.


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