KONE lift solutions

We provide a wide range of lift solutions tailored to a variety of building requirements. If you would like to see what solutions are best suited to your building type, check our solutions for different building types.

Selecting the optimal solution involves three steps:

  1. Determine the capacity required for the lift
  2. Decide the car interior that best suits the style and architecture of the building
  3. Choose the options and accessories that optimise the People Flow™ in your building

Our lift solutions for new and existing buildings:

Product Application Description Max. speed Max. travel Max. load Persons
KONE EcoSpace™ Machine room-less for new buildings Cost-efficient lift for low-rise buildings 1.0 m/s 35 m 1000 kg Up to 13
KONE MonoSpace® 500 Machine room-less for new and existing buildings Versatile lift for low- and mid-rise residential and commercial buildings 1.75 m/s 70 m 1150 kg Up to 15
KONE MonoSpace® 700 Machine room-less for new buildings Highly flexible lift solution for demanding commercial buildings 3.0 m/s 90 m 2500 kg Up to 33
KONE MiniSpace™ With machine room for new buildings High-speed lift for high-rise buildings 10.0 m/s 400 m 4000 kg Up to 26
KONE MonoGoods™ Machine room-less for new buildings Adaptable lift solution for all goods transport needs in public transport, retail, hospital buildings 1.6 m/s 40 m 5000 kg Up to 66
KONE Motala™
Machine room-less for buildings without lift A solution for making all premises accessible for low-rise buildings 0.15 m/s 13 m 500 kg Up to 5