Training excellence

Continuous training

We take pride in our industry-leading team of technicians and make sure they have the training to stay the best. Our service technicians are given intensive, up-to-date instruction on all brands of lifts, escalators and doors. With 24 training centres offering 55 global training courses in 20 languages, you can be sure that the local technician who answers your service call knows the equipment and the best methods for servicing it.

Our service technicians are trained in Modular-Based Maintenance, our industry-leading preventive maintenance method, based on tailoring unique maintenance plans for each building and piece of equipment.

Spreading and updating the knowledge is a non-stop activity at KONE. And not just knowledge of KONE, but also of all brands of non-KONE equipment. Four Competence Centres around the world assist in growing our global knowledge base and sharing it with workers in the field. At the same time, local expertise and training guarantee that the technician who answers your call knows your equipment as well as anybody, and has the tools and the skills to do the job.