Improving safety

Improving safety

Safety is always a primary focus for us both when manufacturing and maintaining equipment. We strive to ensure passenger safety in all circumstances and to keep equipment running reliably. Safety requirements and safety technologies are constantly evolving and our upgrades let you improve the safety levels of your existing equipment.

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For elevators

For Lifts

Alarm device extension for KONE remote monitor (KRM)

The extension can be fitted as an upgrade to an existing communication system or implemented in an lift lacking one.

Customer Benefits

  • Improves passenger safety in case of emergency.
  • Person stuck in a lift can communicate with the Call Centre.
  • Fulfils SNEL (Safety Norm for Existing Lifts, EN 81-80) safety requirements.


  • Call Centre automatically identifies where the alarm call is coming from.
  • Lifts stay lit even during a power failure. Back-up battery and battery monitoring ensure power supply.
  • Alarm device calls Call Centre daily to confirm connection.

Curtain of light for car doors

A complete curtain of light that is easy to install to existing lift car doors.

Customer Benefits

  • Increases passenger safety.
  • Increases passenger comfort.
  • Increases reliability.


  • Compatible with KONE AMD operator (plug & play) and with all other operators equipped with power supply unit.
  • Not dependent of door height.
  • Flexible fixing interface ensures easy installation.

Swing door lock upgrade HAK 2008

An updated swing door lock applied to existing doors that are not CE-certified.

Customer Benefits

  • Increases passenger safety.
  • Fulfils CE-certificate No. 08482 (Notified body no. 0424) (CT-03.03.001).
  • Increases reliability.


  • Includes DOM contact as a standard feature.
  • Door open contact is available.
  • The lock can be mounted either horizontally or vertically.

For Escalators

Whether it's a complete upgrade or partial upgrade, KONE offers safety enhancements for your escalators.

  • KONE EcoStart™ energy performance control saves up to 40% in energy costs, extends motor life, and provides a smooth start.
  • KONE Avert™ skirt deflector brushes encourage safe escalator use by providing a subtle indicator to passengers riding near the step’s edge.
  • Escalator step/skirt performance index - The latest ASME code specifies a new standard for new and existing escalators. Your KONE representative can assess your escalators and work with you to achieve code compliance.

Various important safety code requirements have been added in recent years, including:

  • Missing Step Device - Designed to detect a missing step. When a missing step is detected, power to the motor is turned off and the brake is activated to stop the escalator.
  • Step Level Device - Designed to detect a step that is about to enter the comb area at a "lower elevation" than the combplate. If a "low step" is detected, the escalator motor power is interrupted and the brake is activated to stop the escalator.
  • Comb Impact Device - Designed to detect combplate movement in either the horizontal or vertical direction. When activated, this device is designed to shut the motor power off and activate the brake.

For Doors

Doors that function improperly can create a negative impression among visitors. Constant shutdowns hurt the efficient operation of a building, reflect poorly on its management and increase downtime and expense.

Upgrading their components is a cost-effective way to dramatically improve lift service and restore passenger confidence.

KONE offers door operation upgrade packages for every lift. Every component is designed and engineered to stringent KONE standards. You get the best – without compromise. That's our commitment to you.

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