New KONE materials improve communications on-site

Keeping tenants and users informed

KONE is constantly looking at ways to improve its service communication on-site. Communicating clearly about scheduled maintenance and urgent repairs creates a positive and transparent atmosphere at any site, as well as keeping people updated during longer modernisation projects.

Lifts, escalators and automatic doors need to be maintained and repaired from time to time. Providing sufficient on-site information prevents common misconceptions, such as scheduled maintenance being mistaken for a breakdown and enhances the image of a safe building. When longer modernisation projects take place, information boards serve as platforms for weekly changing newsletters, informing building users about the upcoming work and their progress.

Access prohibited, safety improved

In addition to keeping people informed, on-site communications enhance the safety of buildings. Safety barriers and walls block the way to potentially hazardous reconstruction areas while keeping up the appearance of your building. Informative letters and stickers give safety instructions during construction work and guide people to alternative routes. This helps make the work of facility managers easier.

Material tailored to match your needs

KONE has developed a variety of materials for different purposes. These include easy-to-remove stickers for short maintenance visits and information boards for longer modernisation projects. The materials come along with our technicians and any necessary tools, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. 

Different innovative options can be designed to match the style and purposes of a building. For example, digital information displays give daily updates for ongoing modernisation project, serving simultaneously as a platform for other significant news and information.

From site to site – KONE Care Online

As well as communicating ongoing service projects on-site, the KONE Care Online service gathers all the data for you to use. Through KONE Care Online you will stay up-to-date with all KONE’s activities at your site and receive information about any upcoming maintenance work. You can also monitor the performance of your equipment and the status of the work, such as open and resolved call-outs and what work has been done. The web portal contains all your invoices as well as the service contract coverage and service visit history. Ask more of the service from your local KONE representative. 

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