Technicians in action

Technicians in action

Around the world, around the clock, our technicians are at work keeping your equipment up and running. Responsive and effective service – all in a day’s work.

7:00 AM In a residential area in London, England, Niklas starts his working day with maintenance tasks according to the service plan. "It is my job to make sure that the lifts are in use and working properly," Niklas says. The safety of the building, its users and the service technicians themselves are always the key priority.
10:30 AM As Niklas is finishing reporting, the field mobility device rings: There is a spare lift part in Niklas’ car, and the part is now needed for another job. Niklas and the supply stock coordinator decide that Niklas will hand over the spare part during his lunch break.
12:30 PM During lunch, Niklas gives some installation tips to his colleagues. "It’s important to remember that we maintain lifts of many brands. Therefore, we need to know different equipment, models and operations," Niklas explains. "In addition to our comprehensive training program, it’s good to share knowledge with colleagues."
14:00 PM The KONE call centre informs Niklas that there are people stuck in a lift in a residential building nearby. Ten minutes later Niklas lets the people out of the lift. Then, he works on finding out why the lift got stuck. "The lift was overloaded, one of the most common reasons for lifts not working, but now it works smoothly again," Niklas says.
15:45 PM Niklas’ working day is over. "We service technicians always have to stay alert and be ready for surprises – and this is what makes my job so interesting," Niklas smiles.

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