Modular door modernisation

Whether you need to replace entire systems or individual components, our modular door modernisation offering has everything you need for improving the performance of both pedestrian and industrial doors with minimal downtime.

KONE UniDrive Retrofit package for sliding pedestrian doors

A solution for upgrading the control element of any type of automatic sliding doors, the KONE UniDrive® Retrofit package minimises downtime by allowing you to replace the mechanical and electrical components without changing the existing door construction. The following components are replaced: control and motor units, return pulley, program switch and power supply. 

This package will bring your sliding door up to date with the latest safety standards as well as durability and efficiency requirements.

KONE UniPower™ package for industrial doors

KONE UniPower™ is a modernisation solution for any type of sectional overhead door. With this package, the motor and control unit are replaced. Quick to install, it speeds up door opening and closing, reduces energy costs, and increases efficiency at industrial facilities. The retrofit will also bring your industrial door control and drive system up to date with the latest technical and regulatory requirements.

Component upgrades

By replacing only those components that need to be replaced, you benefit from better door performance with minimum downtime. Our component upgrades are the fastest and most cost-effective way to improve the safety, reliability, and energy efficiency of your building door equipment. They can cover things like the door rollers, guides, panels, control boards, and motors.