The process

We’re with you every step of the way and will coordinate the entire installation process from planning to completion. We will appoint a project manager who takes responsibility for subcontractors such as electricians and makes sure that everything is completed on time and on budget, with no surprises and no unexpected costs. So if you have any questions, you’ll know who to call. 

We’ve outlined the main steps of the process below.


The first step is to gather information about suitable lift solutions for your building, as well as permits and subsidies and make a rough cost calculation. We can help you with this process. You can then go to the residents’ association for initial approval and then, once you have approval, ask us to make a proposal.

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Next you should consider how the project will be financed, how much might be covered by subsidies and think about how the costs will be shared among residents.

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The planning stage is where we determine the installation location, create the architectural and engineering designs for the shaft and the design for the lift interior and make sure that all relevant permits have been processed.

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This stage covers the site preparations, shaft and lift installation and final cleanup. Before we hand over your lift, we carry out a full safety and performance inspection.

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With our preventive maintenance service you can keep your lift running reliably for its entire lifespan. If problems do occur, our skilled local technicians can get your equipment up and running again quickly and with minimum disruption for residents.

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