1. Site survey
  • The site survey will determine the best solution and the best way to implement it.
  • The planning process will differ depending on whether the elevator is installed inside the stairwell or outside the building.
2. Design
  • The architect creates the drawings for the installation. This includes specifications for the materials that will be used for the shaft and elevator car interior.
  • Choose from various elevator shaft materials: concrete, steel, or a combination of the two. Read more about our design options »
  • Choose from a wide range of options for the car interior. Wood laminate walls and a composite stone floor might be more suitable for an older building, while in a more modern building you might choose stainless steel walls and handrails.
3. Engineering
  • An engineer produces modification plans for the stairwell or the building exterior where the elevator will be installed.
  • This will include planning any extra supports that may be needed and making sure that access ways are wide enough for firefighters in case of an emergency.
4. Permits
  • Before work can begin, all relevant permits must be processed so that plans and calculations are checked and approved by the relevant authorities.