We offer two different solutions for buildings without an existing lift. Both are designed to give you the maximum possible space inside the car, excellent energy-efficiency and an interior design that blends in perfectly with your building.

KONE ProSpace™ with space-efficient internal shaft

The KONE ProSpace™ is designed especially for retrofit purposes and is the most space-efficient solution available. It can be installed in buildings where there is extremely limited space for the lift shaft. Because it requires minimal structural modifications to the building, the KONE ProSpace is an extremely cost-efficient and flexible solution.

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KONE MonoSpace® 500 with external shaft

The KONE MonoSpace® 500 is designed for projects where there is not enough space inside the building for the lift. In these cases, a lift shaft is constructed outside the building, on the exterior wall. The KONE MonoSpace is a highly space- and energy-efficient solution.

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