Full replacement

Full replacement involves renewing the entire escalator, including the truss. This can be done in an open, easy to access location and can usually be completed within just a few working days. Modernising your escalator fully is an investment that will pay off in reduced energy costs, as well as greater safety, reliability and style.

Full replacement without truss removal

KONE EcoMod™2 gives you all the benefits of a brand new escalator or autowalk without time-consuming and potentially disruptive truss removal. Modernisation only requires light construction work, and with projects involving parallel escalators, you can modernize them one at a time. This not only reduces the total project costs, but also helps to minimise the impact on people flow in your building. KONE EcoMod solutions are suitable for all brands of escalator.

Key benefits of KONE EcoMod 2
  1. Minimise on-site disruption and inconvenience to building users, and retain the existing building architecture.
  2. Minimise disruption through flexible work scheduling.
  3. Eco-friendly solution with a lubrication-free step chain that requires no oil. 
  4. Make the escalator an attractive feature with a wide variety of design options. 
  5. Reduce power consumption with a range of energy-efficiency options such as KONE Direct Drive, which can cut consumption by up to 15%.