Process guide

Our goal is to make sure that your modernization project runs smoothly from start to finish, with a professionally managed, hassle-free process that causes minimum disturbance to tenants and visitors. 

We can check the current condition of your equipment with a thorough KONE Care for Life™ assessment, which helps you make an informed decision about what to modernize and when. The assessment does not obligate you in any way. 

A KONE project manager acts as your single point of contact for any questions, and keeps the project running on time and on budget. They can also give you information about permits, subsidies, and regulations.


Once we’ve identified the best way forward for modernizing your equipment, we provide a cost estimate and can advise you on how the project could be financed. After the contract is signed a dedicated KONE team will begin the planning process and carry out a site visit before finalizing the modernization plan and drawing up the necessary safety procedures.


We agree the final project schedule and working hours, and inform the residents well in advance. After protecting the working area, we begin the installation process. For more extensive modernizations like full replacement, we dismantle and remove the old equipment before beginning the installation work. Once the work is completed, we clean up the site and perform final equipment checks.


When your equipment is ready for use, we perform the final handover and provide you with technical and safety information and training. Once the elevator is in use, we can make sure it operates reliably and safely for its entire lifespan with a customized preventive maintenance package.