KONE Asset Management Planning

With KONE Asset Management Planning you can make informed decisions about what modernization work needs to be done and the best time to do it. It removes the risk of surprises in equipment performance and budgeting. 

We carry out a thorough assessment of your equipment and provide a report on the condition of individual components and systems. Based on this, we’ll give you clear recommendations on appropriate modernization solutions, optimal schedules to minimize disruption in your building, and the budget you should reserve for the work.

KONE Care for Life™

A KONE Care for Life assessment is a thorough check of the current condition of your elevator, escalator or automatic door, focusing on performance, safety, eco-efficiency, aesthetics, and accessibility. You receive a report that includes a detailed analysis of the condition of components and systems, an executive summary highlighting areas that need attention, and an explanation of any potential risks based on the current condition of your equipment.

KONE Asset Management Plan

Your asset management plan will include detailed recommendations for both equipment-level actions and budget. It details the costs involved for alternative approaches, ranging from component upgrades to full replacement, making it easier for you to compare the potential options. Because it takes account of the expected total cost of ownership – including parts, maintenance, and energy costs – it makes your long-term budgeting easier and more accurate.

Key benefits
  • Vital input for planning and budgeting
  • Calculate total cost of ownership for equipment lifecycle
  • Optimize modernization work for minimal disruption
  • A complete picture of your equipment's current status