Norwich Open Academy

Year 2010
Location Norwich Open Academy
Solutions MonoSpace lift

Eco Efficient Solution

KONE Plc have recently supplied an 8 person MonoSpace lift to Norwich Open academy. The Open Academy is a sustainable building with the majority of the main structure built from a cross laminated timber manufactured by KLH, and lift shaft was also built with this stable timber. The building is hoping to be awarded a BREEAM rating of Excellent. KONE were chosen to supply the lifts partly due to our simplistic and comprehensive approach to BREEAM lift credits, our eco-efficient solutions and our previous experience installing into a timber shaft.

KONE use a specially designed BREEAM calculation tool which offers clear recommendations regarding BREEAM Lift credits. Simple details about the Open Academies lift installation and traffic patterns were input into the tool which intelligently sorts the variables and provides a recommendation for the best options available to achieve the 2 BREEAM credits for the lift.

BREEAM Credits

The KONE lift gained 2 BREEAM credits. The first credit was achieved due to the revolutionary KONE Eco-Disc® drive used in all KONE lifts. The Eco-Disc consumes up to 70% less energy than hydraulic drive and 50% less than a traction drive achieving a carbon footprint reduction of 1120 kg CO2/year compared to traction 2-speed lift.

The second BREEAM credit was achieved through a number of stand by energy modes. After the last call and after a predetermined time the car light and fan switch off automatically which reduces the heat in the car and the amount of cooling needed. Signalisation dimming is also featured on the MonoSpace, 15 minutes after the last call signalisation automatically starts switching to standby mode, this  reduces the energy consumption of the signalisation by up to 30%.

The car ceiling LED lights' further contributed to the BREEAM points accredited for KONE’s MonoSpace lift. Halogen lights consume around 700 kWh/year while KONE LED lights only consume 140 kWh/year - reducing energy consumption by up to 80%. The basis for the calculations for EcoDisc is: a lift speed of 1.0 m/s (0.63 for hydraulic), a load of 630 kg (8 persons) and 200,000 starts/year