Office References

The nature of office buildings place special demands on the performance and effectiveness of lifts. In high-rise buildings, the peak hours of lift operation are intense as employees arrive to the office or leave for lunch en masse.

201 Bishopsgate and Broadgate Tower

Address: 201 Bishopgate and Broadgate Tower, London
Year: 2009
Project: 201 Bishopgate and Broadgate Tower
Products: 10 KONE MiniSpace double-deck

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The Capital, Liverpool

Address: New Hall Place, Liverpool, L3 9PP
Year: 2009
Project: Modernisation
Products: KONE Resolve X2, eLink and KONE DCS

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New DCS Lifts Severn Trent

Address: Severn Trent Centre, 2 St John's Street, Coventry
Year: 2010
Project: New Lift Installation 
Products: 6 DCS Lifts

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Door maintenance Interserve

Address: 4 sites throughout Great Britain
Year: 2008
Project: Door Maintenance
Products: Optimum maintenance agreement

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New lift installation Colmore Plaza

Address: Birmingham City Centre 
Year: 2007
Project: New lift installation
Products: Group of 8, 17 person MiniSpace lifts with 2 fire fighting lifts and 1 MonoSpecial goods lift, turnstile access and destination control system (DCS)

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Walbrook Building

Address: The Walbrook Building, EC3 London
Year: 2010
Project: Walbrook Building 
Products: Bespoke lift installation

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