New lift installation Colmore Plaza

Year 2007
Location Birmingham City Centre
Solutions Group of 8, 17 person MiniSpace lifts with 2 fire fighting lifts and 1 MonoSpecial goods lift, turnstile access and destination control system (DCS)

The KONE new lift solution

Colmore Plaza's requirements were not just to provide lifts but to help control passenger flow.  Despite high traffic people flow, particularly at busy times, the customer wanted to make the journey for employees as smooth and efficient as possible, in, out and around the building.

KONE provided lifts with matching wood finishes in the lift cars, integrated fire and evacuation lifts and full evacuation lifts. 

To control people flow, KONE provided DCS - destination control system.  When entering the building, the passenger selects their destination floor when going through the turnstile at the front of the building at the DOP (destination control panel). The passenger then walks to the lift they have been assigned, saving time and increasing comfort and convenience.