The Capital, Liverpool

Year 2009
Location New Hall Place, Liverpool
Solutions KONE Resolve X2, eLink and KONE DCS

The Challenge

To maintain ‘The Capital’s’ status as a prime piece of commercial property within Liverpool, the lifts and escalators needed to be refreshed with stylish designs to match the building’s eye-catching interior.

People flow also required improvement within the building to keep up with the pace of modern life

Reducing wait and travel times, enhanced security, and more comfortable rides were of utmost importance.
Providing reliable solutions

KONE installed a six-car group of KONE MiniSpace™ ReSolve X2 lifts with the Destination Control System (DCS). KONE ReSolve X2 is a comprehensive modernisation package that is ideal for larger buildings, such as the Capital Building. With the KONE ReSolve X2 solution, customers are assured of state-of-the-art reliability, safety, and performance, as well as reduced energy consumption, and improved people flow. KONE helped with planning and budgeting for the modernisation project, and continued to support the customer through installation.

Three goods lifts and four escalators were also modernised, and a twenty-year maintenance contract was agreed upon to keep the equipment running efficiently for years to come.

Modernisation management experts

As part of the modernisation effort, two of the lift shafts needed to be extended downwards by two floors to bring the building’s tenants to the car park level. The client trusted KONE to manage this building work, as much of the work needed was focused on the lift shafts and required KONE’s expertise. KONE managed the entire lift installation including the building work, electrical work, and the design elements.  KONE was on site for a total of 18 months and finished the modernisation program on schedule.

Improving people flow

The lifts installed as part of the modernisation package are some of the first in the UK with a destination control system and the KONE eLink™ remote monitoring system. People flow was improved with the KONE Polaris DCS by increasing capacity and reducing passenger waiting times. It also offers increased building security: custom-made swipe cards were made specially for the building’s security staff. The KONE eLink™ provides an accurate view of the status, demand, traffic performance, and availability of lifts and escalators in the Capital Building. This information helps ensure that the equipment delivers optimal performance at all times.

Capital, Liverpool
Capital, Liverpool