Hilton Worldwide

Getting to or from a guest room with luggage and without delay is a crucial element of any hotel or resort experience – and one that is a reflection of the overall hotel brand impression.

Year ongoing
Solutions Over 2,000 KONE service technicians in North America; over 50% of equipment maintained is from manufacturers other than KONE; individually tailored maintenance packages for each Hilton hotel

In safe hands

To help ensure that its vertical transportation is reliable across 400 properties and franchises around the globe, Hilton Worldwide has formed a strategic partnership with us that include a variety of maintenance contracts.

Uninterrupted operations

Safety and quality are top priorities for both companies. Hotel escalators typically access convention areas, which are open to the public, making them particularly vital in regard to safety and operation.

Our Modular Based Maintenance™ (MBM) method is the heart of KONE’s maintenance program, ensuring that lifts and escalators always operate at peak safety and performance.

Timely maintenance means it may be carried out at times that minimise inconvenience to hotel guests, meeting participants, and staff. Some of Hilton Worldwide’s luxury hotels and full-service hotels expect rapid 24/7 response time; in other categories, maintenance can be done during low-traffic times in the middle of the day, for instance.

To further limit downtime, we stock more than 150,000 spare parts, both from KONE and other manufacturers.

In addition, our reporting systems, maintenance method programs, KONE field mobility and our dispatching all play important roles in how we maintain and manage the equipment at each of the Hilton properties.

"KONE does a great job communicating with the local hotel management. Their maintenance programmes are flexible and specifically tailored to each of our hotel’s requirements", says Vicki Perry, Global Account Director, Strategic Account Management, Hilton Worldwide.