Tour First

Tour AXA, originally built in 1974, is located in the heart of La Défense, the business district of Paris. After three decades, it was time for a major change and a new name: Tour First.

Year 2011
Location Paris, France
Solutions 18 KONE MiniSpace™ lifts, 2 KONE MiniSpace™ freight lifts, 1 KONE MonoSpace® lift, 3 KONE MonoSpace® freight lifts, 4 KONE MonoSpace® parking lifts, 2 KONE TravelMaster™ 110 escalators, KONE Polaris™ Destination Control System

Majestic transformation along the Seine River

The plan was ambitious. After three decades, the building was stripped down and a new tower, renamed Tour First, was designed and constructed around the old metal framework.

All this was achieved in just four years. With such a large undertaking in a short time period and with limited space on site, the project demanded excellent teamwork and cooperation among the different players.

Well-managed vertical flow

The site is in the middle of the busy business district with no easy access and with minimal on-site storage. We used a vertical storage method to reduce the area needed for the equipment and carefully planned the installation tasks.

Because the new building would use the same lift shafts, another solution had to be implemented through means other than adding new lifts. We installed our KONE Polaris™ Destination Control System (DCS), which uses intelligent assessment of vertical travel needs based on the floor selections of users to minimize the number of stops and optimise the vertical flow in the building. 

Our solution delivered excellent eco-efficiency while nearly doubling the number of people who move throughout the tower.

"On some days as many as 40 trucks came to the site. The good communication between KONE and the builders kept the entire project on target", says Jean-Marc Besson, President of Beacon Capital Partners France.