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KONE Residential Flow

Simpler homecomings, every single day

Yes, KONE is a leading lift and escalator company. But instead of moving people just up and down, we take a holistic approach to the flow of urban life. Making the movement of people, goods and information as smooth and safe as possible in and between buildings, both existing and new.

Are any of these situations familiar to you?

Troubles entering your home


Missed your package deliveries


Challenges in communication

img-has-communication-been challenging-in-your-building_535x365

KONE Residential Flow makes everyday hassle a thing of the past


KONE Access


Easy access all the way to your home door

  • Unlock and open your buildings’ main door automatically
  • Travel to your home floor without touching a single button

KONE Visit


Welcome visitors, even from a distance

  • Greet visitors via your smartphone
  • Grant access with the touch of a button, wherever you are

KONE Information


Stay in the know

  • Check important building announcements on your smart phone
  • Stay up to date with building announcements, weather, or public transport timetables on media screens


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