Building doors eco-efficiency

Cut energy costs and increase comfort

Automatic building doors can have a significant impact on a building’s energy consumption. A well-designed solution that is properly insulated and regularly maintained will reduce the loss of warm or cool air from the building, thereby helping to cut heating or cooling costs.

In environments where personnel are required to work close to doorways, such as hotel and office lobby areas, as well as retail centres – where sales points are often located close to exits – automatic doors can also significantly increase comfort by minimising sudden changes in internal temperature or noise.

Optimising door insulation

  1. A properly insulated door provides separation between external and internal air. There are a number of factors that you should consider when specifying the solution for your building.
  2. The door leaf, frame, and lower edge should all be properly insulated.
  3. The door material and thickness will affect its insulation properties.
  4. The operator should be powerful enough to open and close the door effectively, especially if subject to high wind loads.
  5. A door should be open for the minimum possible time to allow people or goods to pass through. Technology can be used to optimise opening width and speed based on the outside temperature and the volume of traffic passing through the door.

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