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Dec-19-2016 KONE installs the world's first arched escalators in Germany
Oct-25-2016 KONE a world leader in CDP 2016 climate change reporting achieving an A grade
Oct-13-2016 The first KONE UltraRope® in China to be installed in Beijing's tallest building, China Zun
May-26-2016 STX France recognises KONE as best long-term partner
Apr-18-2016 New KONE Mobile app brings more digital services to maintenance customers
Nov-09-2015 KONE invites start-ups and innovators at SLUSH 2015 to help create the best People Flow experience
Jul-14-2015 KONE UltraRope chosen to modernize New Zealand's iconic Sky Tower
May-20-2015 KONE Turnstile 100 wins Red Dot Award: Product Design 2015
May-15-2015 KONE launches a digital game to educate children on lift and escalator safety
Apr-01-2015 Shenzhen's sustainable skyscraper in China to feature KONE's people flow solutions
Apr-01-2015 KONE to equip Lanzhou's new landmark building in Gansu Province, China
Mar-25-2015 KONE wins order to equip multi-use development in Hefei, Anhui province in Eastern China
Mar-24-2015 KONE to equip mixed-use development in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China
Mar-18-2015 KONE acquires British company Express Elevators Ltd.
Mar-17-2015 KONE wins order for Sengkang General and Community Hospitals in Singapore
Feb-26-2015 KONE receives a coveted iF Design Award for its innovative turnstile solution
Feb-23-2015 KONE acquires German elevator company Janzhoff Aufzüge GmbH
Jan-22-2015 KONE wins a fourth consecutive Oasis-class cruise ship order
Jan-21-2015 KONE to equip the new Paris Law Courts complex
Jan-07-2015 KONE wins order for Fifth + Columbia in Seattle
Dec-30-2014 KONE acquires Italian lift company Manutenzione Installazione Ascensori SpA (MIA)
Dec-22-2014 KONE is the first lift company to announce the best A-class certification for its customer references according to the new ISO energy efficiency standard
Dec-19-2014 KONE awarded modernisation and maintenance contract at Gatwick Airport for lifts, escalators and autowalks
Dec-15-2014 KONE to deliver intelligent people flow solutions to high-rise office buildings in Hunan Province, China
Nov-25-2014 KONE Park in Kunshan receives prestigious LEED Gold certification for green buildings
Nov-24-2014 KONE wins order for luxury hotel development in Perth, Australia
Nov-05-2014 KONE to equip Collins Square, one of Australia's largest mixed-used development with sustainable people flow solutions
Oct-21-2014 KONE scores full marks in CDP 2014 climate change reporting
Sep-01-2014 KONE wins order for high-rise apartments in Sydney, Australia
Aug-22-2014 KONE named one of the world's most innovative companies by Forbes
Aug-01-2014 KONE strengthens its presence in East Africa
Jun-25-2014 KONE wins an order for KL118 Tower, the tallest building in Malaysia
Jun-24-2014 KONE introduces turnstile solution for smoother, smarter people flow
Jun-17-2014 KONE destination operating panel and ceiling light win two coveted Red Dot Awards
Jun-13-2014 KONE to improve people flow at London Bridge railway station
Jun-12-2014 KONE ranked by Newsweek the world's 12th greenest company
Jun-05-2014 KONE wins order for Saudi Arabia's Kingdom Tower, the world's tallest building
Apr-30-2014 KONE wins a contract for a new standard-setting residential complex Maslak 1453 in Istanbul, Turkey
Apr-17-2014 KONE secures maintenance contract extension for Heathrow Airport lifts, escalators and autowalks
Apr-14-2014 KONE wins an order for a multiuse complex District 8 in Jakarta's financial center in Indonesia
Mar-24-2014 KONE to supply elevators to Zhonghai International Center in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China
Mar-07-2014 KONE receives two iF product design awards
Feb-11-2014 KONE to supply people flow solutions to Turkey's largest residential development
Feb-03-2014 KONE wins four prestigious GOOD DESIGN awards
Jan-23-2014 KONE's new modernization solution will ease the lives of residents by offering the shortest elevator downtime
Jan-20-2014 KONE wins order for residential high-rises in Sydney, Australia
Jan-16-2014 KONE to provide eco-efficient lifts to the Nova, Victoria in London
Jan-15-2014 KONE elevators and escalators to enable smooth people flow at Manila Bay Resorts casino and hotel in the Philippines
Jan-13-2014 KONE strengthens its position in Saudi Arabia by increasing its ownership in KONE Areeco Ltd. to 50%
Jan-10-2014 KONE to supply eco-efficient People Flow solutions to an office skyscraper in Tianjin's financial district
Jan-09-2014 KONE to supply elevators to two office towers in Tel Aviv, Israel
Jan-03-2014 KONE to modernise lifts to improve access to six busy London Underground stations
Dec-27-2013 KONE wins order for tallest building in Guangxi Province, China
Nov-15-2013 KONE to deliver people flow solutions to 10-tower mixed-use development in Wuhan, China
Oct-30-2013 KONE's global People Flow Day highlights lift and escalator safety
Oct-18-2013 KONE wins order for Texas A&M Kyle Field Stadium renovation in the United States
Oct-08-2013 KONE once again industry leader among top companies in CDP reporting
Oct-07-2013 KONE to supply smart and eco-efficient people flow solutions to prestigious office development in Brisbane, Australia
Oct-02-2013 KONE buys Ennis Lifts in Ireland
Oct-01-2013 KONE People Flow Intelligence solutions to improve the user experience as buildings get smarter
Oct-01-2013 First KONE UltraRope(TM) installed at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, in time for the World Architecture Festival
Sep-25-2013 KONE to deliver elevators and escalators to Ankara Metro line extensions in Turkey
Sep-20-2013 KONE to equip third consecutive Oasis-class luxury cruise ship with energy efficient people flow solutions
Sep-06-2013 KONE to supply elevators and escalators to Luneng Lingxiucheng commercial complex in Shandong province, China
Sep-03-2013 KONE wins an order for elevators and escalators at the Dazhongli development in the heart of Shanghai's commercial district in China
Aug-16-2013 KONE ranked as one of the world's most innovative companies again
Jul-10-2013 KONE awarded CTBUH's 2013 Innovation Award for KONE UltraRope
Jul-03-2013 KONE to supply elevators and escalators for China's tallest twin towers
Jul-02-2013 KONE buys Empire Elevator, further strengthening position in San Francisco, California, USA
Jun-13-2013 City dwellers around the world have positive attitudes towards tall buildings
Jun-10-2013 New KONE UltraRope(TM) lift hoisting technology enables the next big leap in high-rise building design
May-24-2013 KONE elevators and escalators to enable smooth people flow at stations across Ningtian Intercity Rail Line in Nanjing, China
May-14-2013 KONE to deliver escalators and lifts to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in the Netherlands
Apr-10-2013 KONE celebrates opening of KONE Park manufacturing and R&D site in Kunshan, China
Mar-21-2013 KONE to deliver eco-efficient elevators and escalators to new hospital complex in Montreal, Canada
Mar-21-2013 KONE solutions to enable smooth flow of people in Hainan Tower, China
Mar-18-2013 KONE elevators to ease flow of people in Delhi Metro network
Mar-13-2013 KONE to equip redeveloped Kuntsevo Center in Moscow
Mar-12-2013 KONE wins super high-rise order in Chongqing, China
Feb-28-2013 KONE wins contract to modernize Washington, D.C. Metro escalators
Feb-26-2013 KONE wins order for Copenhagen Metro extension
Feb-04-2013 KONE to modernize escalators and moving walkways at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
Jan-02-2013 KONE acquires its Israeli distributor Isralift
Dec-18-2012 KONE eco-efficient solutions to serve another TUI Cruises vessel
Dec-17-2012 KONE launches latest version of its industry-leading KONE TravelMaster escalator solution
Dec-07-2012 KONE to deliver lifts to Oslo Airport in Norway
Dec-03-2012 KONE strengthens market presence through the acquisition of Ascent Elevator in San Francisco, California, US
Nov-23-2012 World Architecture News awards KONE MonoSpace 500 lift the 2012 Product of the Year
Nov-07-2012 Award-winning KONE lift designs to match architecture
Nov-02-2012 KONE to supply People Flow solutions for Suzhou Modern Media Plaza
Oct-31-2012 KONE industry leader among top companies in CDP reporting
Oct-10-2012 KONE to deliver eco-efficient escalators to New York City subway station
Oct-10-2012 KONE's global People Flow Day highlights lift and escalator design
Oct-08-2012 KONE to modernise high vertical rise escalators at Kamppi metro station in Finland
Oct-04-2012 KONE to supply People Flow to a new eco-quarter in downtown Singapore
Oct-02-2012 KONE elevators and escalators selected for Marine Gateway project in Vancouver
Oct-01-2012 KONE to supply the lifts to new Crossrail stations in central London
Aug-29-2012 KONE to provide eco-efficient People Flow solutions to Scandinavia's largest mall
Aug-20-2012 KONE wins major maintenance contract for Marina Bay Sands resort in Singapore
Aug-17-2012 KONE and Schindler settle patent dispute and KONE receives a license to Schindler's RFID call input patents
Aug-13-2012 KONE to deliver People Flow solutions to two IICG shopping centres in China
Jul-23-2012 KONE wins a lift order for a green office building in City of London
Jul-13-2012 KONE to provide People Flow in a Bangkok residential high-rise development
Jul-03-2012 KONE wins order for the Riverside Century Plaza in Wuhu, China
Jul-02-2012 KONE wins an order for THE HUB in Shanghai
Jun-27-2012 KONE to provide escalators to the new Wuxi metro in China
Jun-18-2012 KONE won an order for the Suning Rui City high rise in Nanjing, China
Jun-07-2012 KONE wins four prestigious red dot design awards
Jun-07-2012 New industry-leading lifts from KONE
May-25-2012 KONE wins order for Finland's largest infrastructure project
May-03-2012 English Channel ferries equipped with KONE solutions
May-02-2012 KONE acquires Eagle Elevator in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Apr-10-2012 KONE's solutions will optimize People Flow at the Hatten City project in Malaysia
Apr-05-2012 KONE to improve People Flow in Brisbane shopping center
Mar-14-2012 KONE launches new energy-efficient and innovative Direct Drive for escalators
Mar-06-2012 KONE wins an order for Jinghope Plaza in Suzhou, China
Mar-05-2012 KONE awarded escalator project at Washington, D.C.'s historic Union Station
Feb-28-2012 KONE lifts chosen for the largest British cruise liner to date
Feb-15-2012 KONE to supply eco-efficient lifts to a new office building on Canary Wharf
Feb-14-2012 KONE delivers elevator for Australian offshore project
Feb-13-2012 KONE to deliver eco-efficient lifts to Hotel Gothia Towers in Sweden
Jan-19-2012 KONE wins an order to supply Beijing's first maglev line
Jan-13-2012 KONE secures University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Project
Jan-13-2012 KONE to supply eco-efficient elevators to office buildings in Binhai New Area, China