KONE Roller shutter doors

Roller shutter doors are ideal for environments where floor space is essential. The roller shutter door is hung from an overhead frame attached to the wall and supported by side piers.

No additional structural items are required to support the door weight making them easy for KONE to install quickly and safely. Roller shutter doors offer customers a wide variety of designs including options for finishes and automation.

The side piers on roller shutters are fitted inside the building which take up limited space and remove the opportunity of external vehicle damage when the door is fully open.

Sliding roller shutter doors can be:

  1. Manually operated
  2. Electrically operated and automated
Product KONE Roller shutters doors
Applications Goods flow
Height 12 m
Width 10 m
Weight -
Options Automatic or manual

Features & options

KONE offer a wide variety of roller shutter products, as such there are a wide variety of features and options available varying from product to product. A selection of options are listed below. Please contact your KONE sales representative for further information.Optional PPC

  • Internal and external application
  • Varying security levels depending on requirements
  • Protection against extreme noise
  • Insulation options
  • Variety of colours and finishes
  • Remote control units
  • Vented slat options
  • Motion detectors

Door modernisation

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