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Want to know which type of lift/elevator is best suited to the configuration of your building?

Explore our fully renewed range of lifts/elevators from the experts in the industry, KONE.

If you are wondering what solution best meets the needs of your building, check our lift/elevator solutions for different building types which include the residential, commercial, retail, hotels, public transport and medical sectors. 

Did you know that 40% of the world's energy is consumed by buildings? By themselves, the lifts/elevators are responsible for between 4 and 10% of the energy consumption of buildings. Since 2008, KONE has reduced the energy consumption of its lifts/elevators by over 70%. KONE is committed to reducing the power consumption of its lifts/elevators through innovation and continuous improvement of its products. KONE are the first company to receive the certification of A-rated energy efficiency performance for our range of lifts/elevators (VDI 4707). By selecting the right type of lift/elevator, you can make some substantial energy savings.

Examine the different types and sizes of lifts/elevators available in our range of solutions.

KONE EcoSpace™

Cost-efficient lift for low-rise residential buildings

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KONE MonoSpace® 500

Versatile lift for low- and mid-rise residential and commercial buildings

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KONE MonoSpace® 700

Highly flexible lift solution for demanding commercial buildings

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KONE MiniSpace™

High-speed lift for high-rise buildings

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KONE MonoGoods™

Adaptable lift solution for all goods transport needs in public transport, retail and hospital buildings

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We provide a wide range of lift solutions tailored to a variety of building requirements

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