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KONE destination solutions

Our destination solutions significantly improve convenience in your building while boosting lift traffic handling capacity and performance. 

The KONE Polaris™ destination control system (DCS) provides clear guidance for passengers, assigning them to the most appropriate lift according to their destination floor. It reduces travel times and eliminates overcrowding and unnecessary stops.

We offer two DCS configurations:

Hybrid DCS: passengers can enter their floor using destination operating panels (DOP) on main floors, conventional landing signalisation on other floors, or conventional car operating panels in the cars. Ideal for boosting traffic performance on heavily used floors.

Traditional DCS:
passengers enter their floor on a DOP before entering the car. Ideal for buildings where not all lifts serve the same floors, or those with complex lobby layouts.

  • Increased handling capacity, especially during peak periods.
  • Shorter journey times with passengers grouped by destination.
  • More comfort with overcrowding eliminated.
  • Improved security, preventing unauthorised use of the lifts and increasing tenant peace of mind.
  • Extensive personalisation, including user-specific door times, automatic call allocation, and audible guidance.

1) Select your destination floor on the user-friendly destination operating panel or call the elevator directly from your mobile device. The display tells you which elevator has been assigned to you.

2) Elevators have clear identifiers above the door.

3) The next-stops indicator displays the stops the car will make, while the position indicator lets you know when you've arrived at your floor.

KONE solutions combine industry-leading design and high-quality materials with intuitive user interfaces. Passengers can select their destination on a user-friendly touchscreen DOP and even make lift calls directly from their mobile devices.

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