EN81-71 vandal resistant lift solution

EN81-71 vandal resistant lift solution

Our solution for EN81-71 Category 1 protects the lift in buildings subject to vandalism. The vandal resistant lift solution is available for KONE MonoSpace 500 and MonoSpace 700.

  • Non-flammable KES 600 and KES 800 car and landing doors panels, frames and architraves
  • Limited-flammability wall and floor materials; stainless steel finishing on car walls
  • Thicker than standard wall panels inside the car with the lift car upgrade kit
  • Car ceilings LF1 and LF94 able to carry a person’s weight (150 kg) and ceiling fixings impossible to remove in 60 seconds
  • Non-trip tear plate floor materials
  • Limited flammability and water resistance of signalisation with stainless steel finishing


Ensure passenger safety

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