EN81-72 firefighter lift solution

EN81-72 firefighter lift solution

We have a complete solution for firefighter lifts (EN81-72), featuring trap doors and ladders for rescue operations. Electrical components in the shaft and on the car are protected against splashing water. This solution is available for KONE MonoSpace 500 and MonoSpace 700.

  • Minimum car size 1100 x 1400 mm, 630 kg
  • Minimum door width 800 mm
  • Lift reaches the farthest floor from the fire service access level within 60 sec.
  • Ceiling with integrated trap door
  • Variety of car interior wall and floor materials, ceilings and accessories available, please see EN81-72 fact sheet for more details.
  • Also available, EN81-73 code compliant lifts that return to the pre-set floor in case of fire.


Ensure passenger safety

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