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Scissor lifts

Scissor lifts can be surface mounted or pit mounted depending on usage requirements.

KONE's range of hydraulically powered scissor lifts is ideal for use in warehouse facilities and loading bay areas where safety and reliability is essential. Their heavy-duty construction and options for either fixed or mobile use makes them suitable for both fully and partially enclosed areas. KONE have solutions for both pre-designed and bespoke scissor lifts.

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Features and options

  • Various decking finishes that improves low noise and anti-slip benefits 
  • Stainless/Galvanised finishes available 
  • Heavy robust design 
  • Reduces vehicle turn around times 
  • Improving operator safety when compared with tail-lifts and forklifts
  • Cast in or surface mounted buffers to prevent impact damage from delivery vehicles
Surface mounted
  • Loading and unloading vehicles within a confined space without any pit construction
  • Ranging from 100mm to 180mm depending on capacity
  • Traffic light system that can be activated by positioning sensors located on the lift
  • Mobile versions are available with manual or powered tugs that offer greater flexibility for the loading bay environment
Pit mounted
  • Loading and unloading vehicles within a confined space
  • Loading and unloading double deck trailers with or without a raised dock
  • Auto rise wheelstop, interlocked gates, barriers are available depending on application
  • Applications: Loading bay both Single & Double Deck vehicles, Vehicle Lifts, Theatre Lifts
Safety features
  • Hydraulic Cylinders fitted with pipe break safety valves
  • Pressure sensitive safety edge
  • Non Slip safety grit platform
  • All lifts adhere to EN1570 or the Machinery Directive
  • Safety maintenance props