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The KONE UniDrive and KONE UniDrive Compact sliding door operators both feature customisable operation, easy maintenance and adjustment, and building management system integration, as well as compliance with relevant safety and reliability standards.

KONE UniDrive®KONE UniDrive® Compact
Dimensions (height x depth)185 x 161 mm130 x 133 mm
Max. opening width 1-leaf/2-leaf5000 mm (depending on application)1 x 1500/ 2 x 1000 mm
Max. door leaf weight 1 leaf/2 leaf1 x 180 / 2 x 120 kg (option: 1 x 270/2 x 180 kg)1 x 100/ 2 x 80 kg
Max. opening/closing speed0.7 m/s0.53 m/s
Exterior doorxx
Interior doorxx
High use frequencyxx
Standards compliancyxx
Break-out functionx
Mechanical and battery back-up system
Battery back-up system
Escape and rescue route electricalx
Fail/Safe RW
Fire protections, telescopic, curved, prismatic options

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