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Increase the value of a building with DX class lifts

Full lift replacement increases the value of your building and can reduce the cost of a building. Lift replacement which includes lift replacement parts and lift automatic doors allows you to future-proof your building with a brand new connected lift, which can also increase the value of a building.


Replace a lift, add connectivity

Full lift replacement gives you a modern, connected lift that allows you to add new smart building solutions and services that increase the value of a building. Replace a lift and get connectivity built in. The lift replacement cost is a good investment because it allows you to take advantage of smart building services developed by KONE and our People Flow Ecosystem partners. You can also connect your own services and aim to reduce the cost of a building even more. The result is a tailored experience that evolves with the changing needs of tenants.


Redefine the user experience

Increase the value of a building with full lift replacement and offer users real-time information on-the-go, an exciting multisensory ride-experience, and other smart building applications. Replace a lift and add everyday convenience by improving accessibility and availability.


Replace a lift with us

To really benefit from lift replacement, you need an experienced partner for smarter buildings. Replace a lift with us and we can help you manage your property more efficiently with valuable insights into end-user behaviour that can be used to continuously optimise people flow and improve the user experience.

Full lift replacement – Key specifications

SolutionDescriptionMachine Room
Max. TravelMax. Speed
Max. load /personsMax. group size
KONE MonoSpace®DX
Versatile machine room-less passenger lift for low and mid-rise residential and commercial buildingsNo
90 m or 36 floors3.0 m/s
2,500 kg/up to 33 persons6
KONE MiniSpaceDX
High-speed passenger lift with compact machine room for mid and high-rise residential and commercial buildings.Yes210 m or 63 floors4.0 m/s
2,000 kg/up to 26 persons8
Powerful durable machine room-less goods lift with connectivity for enviroments with demanding goods flow requirements
40 m or 12 floors1.6 m/s5,000 kg/up to 53 persons

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