Safety is a joint effort

Safety involves everyone from technology and maintenance service providers to building owners and equipment users. We have global policies, processes, and guidelines in place to enable that our business activities, including subcontractor operations, are organised and conducted in a structured and globally harmonised way.

Everyone who uses a lift or escalator needs to be conscious of their own behaviour, for example making sure children’s hands are held when riding an escalator, and not blocking closing lift doors.

Building owners and maintenance service providers are responsible for making sure equipment is professionally maintained and kept in good condition.

Watch our safety videos


Lift safety

Using lifts properly helps to ensure a safe and comfortable ride for everyone. Take a look at our lift safety video and discover how little things matter in safety.


Escalator safety

It’s just an untied shoelace, but it might be a problem if it gets stuck in the wrong place. Take a look at our escalator safety video and discover how little things matter in safety.

Children and safety

Habits learned young tend to stick. That is why KONE sees children as an important target group when it comes to reaching out on equipment safety.


Watch the animation

Oh no, Bob broke his glasses! Follow Max and Bob making their way through a shopping centre with the help of lifts and escalators to find Bob a new pair of specs.


Play the game

Help Bob the elephant in his quest to find his friend Max the mouse, and pay attention to the proper use of lifts and escalators. Remember to tie your shoelaces!


Complete the workbook

Download the colourful Max and Bob workbook and explore lift and escalator safety together with kids.

Read more about our approach to safety from our Sustainability Report


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