Diversity, equity and inclusion at KONE

Diversity, equity and inclusion at KONE

Diversity makes us unique, inclusion makes us powerful

Diversity and inclusion are embedded in the KONE culture and values. We believe that when people are valued as their authentic selves, innovation can flourish and work communities will thrive.

Diversity, equity and inclusion at KONE


We believe in diversity, inclusion and equity

At KONE, we strive to provide equal opportunity for everyone. We apply fair talent practices in recruitment and enable unique career paths through flexible arrangements and by supporting a healthy work-life balance.

Diversity, equity and inclusion at KONE


We value everyone as an individual

Globally, we celebrate 147 nationalities that make us unique. To accelerate innovation and co-creation, and to create a thriving work community, we welcome fresh competences and views from outside our industry. Together, we make KONE a great place to work and cities better places to live.

Diversity, equity and inclusion at KONE


Our diverse perspectives drive innovation

We are only as strong as we are diverse and inclusive. Our varied capabilities, skills, and approaches help us to create the best People Flow® experience and build better, more sustainable cities. We treat everyone with kindness and respect, support diverse thinking, acknowledge our biases, and always keep an open mind.

Diversity, equity and inclusion at KONE


We care for each other and our communities

We are committed to a culture that welcomes everyone. A culture where everyone can show up as their authentic selves and feel a sense of belonging. Fostering inclusion is an ongoing effort, and we move forward with ambition. We contribute to the sustainable development of our communities and want to take a stand for a fair and equal society.

Diversity, equity and inclusion at KONE


Our goals for promoting diversity and inclusion

In order to bring clear direction to our diversity and inclusion strategy, we have defined four goals:

  • Have 35% of director-level positions held by women by 2030.
  • Continue to increase the diversity of experiences and perspectives by systematically hiring people from outside our industry, with competencies that complement ours.
  • Aim to become as diverse as our customers and the communities we serve. As a specific action, we work to increase cultural diversity in our global business units and functions.
  • Work together to build an inclusive culture that celebrates diversity. We will do so, for example, through continuous coaching for our leaders and by providing practical tips and facts for employees to learn and lead the way for an inclusive culture.

Read more about diversity and inclusion at KONE in our global Sustainability Report.

Read about our progress in the UK in the KONE Plc gender pay gap report

Global diversity and inclusion strategy

Our diversity and inclusion strategy has six focus areas to support us in reaching our goals.

Strategic intent

Diversity and inclusion are among KONE’s business priorities. We aspire to be as diverse as our customers, suppliers and partners.

Leadership engagement

Our leadership is committed to driving diversity and inclusion and measured against set goals.

Talent​ practices

Diversity and inclusion are integrated into our people processes. All KONE employees should be mindful of our diversity and inclusion principles.

Data-based decision making​

We systematically measure and report on diversity and inclusion data to gain objective insights and drive decision making.

Transparent communication​

Diversity and inclusion are embedded in our communications objectives. We report and communicate about our diversity and inclusion progress with transparency.

Responsible global citizen

We are considered a trusted employer and partner, and a strong contributor to the sustainable development of communities in which we operate.

Read more about diversity and inclusion at KONE in our global Sustainability Report


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