A trusted partner for green building development

We offer solutions and expertise that help you achieve green building credits and certifications that increase building value.


A sustainability leader

We are pleased to have received recognition for our environmental and social sustainability performance, including a leader score for Climate in CDP and a Platinum medal in EcoVadis.


An energy-efficiency leader

KONE was the first lift and escalator company to achieve A class energy-efficiency certification through the international ISO 24745 standard. We have pioneered lift energy efficiency technology including regenerative drive, standby solutions, and the revolutionary KONE UltraRope®. KONE UltraRope® can cut the energy consumption of a 500-meter lift ride by up to 15%. We have pioneered sustainable escalator technology such as the TransVario drive that can reduce escalator energy consumption by up to 16% and significantly minimise oil consumption, improving sustainability and reducing total cost of ownership.

Escalator and lift energy efficiency solutions

We are committed to maximising energy efficiency for environmentally sustainable buildings. We offer sustainable solutions for all buildings ranging from retrofitting LED lights to a completely new lift with energy-regeneration technology.


Efficient hoisting

Switch to KONE EcoDisc hoisting machines for 50-70% more efficiency than lifts with conventional traction.


Energy regeneration

Benefit from up to 35% in energy savings by recovering energy from daily lift use.


Energy-saving LED lighting

Reduce energy consumption by up to 80% with LED and eco-efficient fluorecent lighting.


Energy-efficient standby operation

We maximise escalator and lift energy efficiency by powering down your equipment when it is not in use.


High-efficiency drive systems for escalators

High-efficiency motors minimise energy consumption at full speed and a special KONE designed TransVario drive can even further reduce energy consumption and oil usage.


Lubrication-free escalator step chain

Lubrication-free step chain means no oil. This means a cleaner escalator and surrounding environment, reduced fire risk, simpler cleaning and easier maintenance.


Circular economy

We focus on reducing the materials, energy and other resources used in our solutions and operations. Currently, 90% of the metals used in our products can be recycled. And by providing customers with reliable and energy-efficient equipment that has a lifetime of over 25 years, KONE plays an important role in supporting sustainable buildings by keeping valuable resources in use for as long as possible.

Reaching zero

Now more than ever, it’s vital we work together to reduce emissions and focus on creating sustainable cities that last for future generations. KONE has set science-based targets for a significant reduction in its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and pledged to have carbon-neutral operations by 2030. We aim for a 40% reduction in emissions related to our products' materials and lifetime energy use by 2030 (relative to orders received) and we have committed to a 50% cut in the emissions from our own operations.


Carbon neutral lifts

We offer planning support for greener buildings, as well as equipment and digital services that open up new ways to save energy. And now, we can offer an option to compensate for the remaining embodied carbon emissions of your lift until the handover to help you reach your climate targets.


Carbon neutral maintenance

KONE is committed to taking concrete steps towards greener equipment maintenance. That's why we're moving towards a low-emission service car fleet and using predictive maintenance to reduce unplanned maintenance visits. For KONE DX lifts we also compensate the remaining emissions caused by direct and indirect maintenance activities through a verified carbon offsetting programme.


Carbon offset to reach carbon neutrality

While actively reducing our carbon emissions on our way towards our climate targets, we have decided to compensate for some remaining emissions already now. Together with our market leading offsetting partner we have selected to support a diverse range of recognised, Gold Standard certified projects. These projects include forestry, renewables, and energy efficiency and are spread across different continents.

Read more from our KONE Global Sustainability Report

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